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To improve individual’s quality of life through financial wellness education

We assist students, families, institutions, and community centers in understanding the impact of finances on personal well-being. We achieve this by using a multi-tier approach to teach finances from a holistic lens in hopes of changing and improving financial behavior.

Keep scrolling to learn more about our approach.

MyWealthyWellness has a 5 step approach to helping you achieve your financial freedom and improving your financial behaviors. 

Here's what your journey with MyWealthyWellness will look like --

MyWealthyWellness r - (5)_edited.png

Here's the thing, we know every individual's financial journey is in a different place and we treat each person with respect to those differences. No matter the starting place; the end goal, to be financially free, is the same. We meet you where YOU are and help you achieve your growth. 

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