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A Letter from our Founder

Janessa Siegel

As children we are constantly asked “ What do you want to do when you grow up?” Like many others, I chose a career that was commonly listed as a “great career” or something that has “high earning potential.” Taking things apart and putting them back together was a major passion of mine so I said “I want to be an engineer to learn how things work and make them work better.”  Helping people become their best selves is something I saw my mother do daily as a teacher, and little did I know her influence would be the foundation for my purpose today.  I went to college to become an engineer and graduated with a business degree in marketing.


My degree in marketing introduced me to the world of consumerism and I became fascinated on how society can be molded by media and money. I decided to obtain a graduate degree in higher education with a focus on student affairs. This experience introduced me to the intricacies of finances. We are all impacted by money in one way or another, yet money is something rarely discussed or taught to young children/adults. 


This lack of education contributed to misuse of resources, discrimination, unequal opportunities, and I knew there needed to be a place to combat these issues. Seeing a need for more financial wellness education, I decided to create a resource that anyone can use no matter their education, socio-economic status, residency, race, gender,  or spiritual beliefs. I wanted to create something that would help individuals understand the system of finance and use their knowledge to positively navigate the system and become self-sustainable. 


That is how My Wealthy Wellness LLC came into creation.


Janessa Siegel

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