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What's Your Musical Composition of Financial Wellness?

We live in a world where money holds a lot of power. This power struggle is due to the strong desire many individuals have to be "successful." But what is this thing we call success? What does it look like? What does it smell like? Can you put an actual dollar amount on it? The world is changing, and it is time we define success for ourselves. When it comes to your financial wellness, one of the key factors is defining success for yourself. The moment you create your definition of success is when you are taking control of your financial journey.

Society can influence the perception of many things, BUT it is up to you to filter through the madness and create your own opinion. Financial wellness is a concept used to help in this process and contribute to your personal growth. Becoming financially well is a fluid journey that will always be in motion. YOU have the ability to adjust the way you view, utilize, and relate to money. There is no "finish line" when it comes to your financial wellness, but there is a perfect rhythm of money management and mental health that can help you become financially well.

When thinking of your financial wellness, look at it as your personalized song. In music, you have the tempo, the key, multiple instruments, composing, imagining, and performing. Your financial wellness journey is the same. You have your culture, identities, society, personal situations, and monthly income. All of these factors influence your musical masterpiece called personal financial wellness. In developing, or composing, your financial wellness, it is helpful to think about the following:

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Culture: Think about how your culture views money. Is it good, bad, or neutral? Write down ways in which people within your culture talk about money. 

Identities: Our identities have a direct link to how we view money. Your race, gender, age, relational status, and job impact your relationship with money. An example of this could be how you see yourself as a romantic partner. Some people view their ability to take their partner out on a date or buy gifts, determines whether they are a "good" or "bad" partner. While your emotions, or identities, do not have a price tag, they are impacted by money. Write down your different identities and express how money affects those identities and vice versa.

Personal Situations: Your current stage in life impacts how you relate to money. If you are in school, money looks very different compared to you working full-time or taking a break from school. Again, while stages in your life do not have a price tag, they influence how you spend and see money. What stage in life are you currently living?

Monthly Income: When understanding finances, the first component you must understand is your income. How much are your bringing in, and how much are you paying out? Your monthly income impacts your financial wellness because it is usually the source you use to cover all expenses. Knowing your income helps to see where you are financially starting, and can help you feel more in control of your financial journey.

Financial Wellness is your holistic relationship with money. Like any other relationship, it is essential to understand the entire picture so you can act accordingly. Most of all, financial wellness helps you understand the power dynamics of money in your life. The goal is to

know and understand the power you give to money and make informed decisions based on your holistic journey. If you are ever in a moment where you feel money controls your life, work on changing your perspective of money. A perspective that can be helpful is understanding the core usage of money. We at My Wealthy Wellness LLC. believe that money is a tool toobtain certain goods and services. Photo by Allie on Unsplash

It's not a political leader; it cannot physically tell us to do something with it; money is just a tool. Our goal is to help our clients positively navigate through their financial journey by getting rid of the notion that money is the most essential attribute of life. We want that for you too.

Financial wellness is an ever-growing and ever-changing concept. The goal of financial wellness is not to become "rich" but to teach you about yourself and your relationship with money. Once you understand how you relate to money, you can make informed decisions on what is healthy for you and what is important to you. Learning yourself and adjusting your mindset will take time, but it will be worth it in the end. Remember, consistency is key, and change takes time. Stay healthy, stay smart, and stay financially well.

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