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Ayanna Kenyatta

"Janessa was a pleasure to work with! I went into our sessions without much of an expectation because I thought I had a good handle on my finances. One we started talking, and  Janessa listened attentively to my goals, questions, and concerns, she gave me tips that made me aware of the flaws in my budgeting and saving plans. Now I have proper goals set and know how I will achieve them. I am definitely planning on continuing our sessions as my investments and taxes become more complex!"

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Angelica Smith

"I absolutely recommend Janessa as a financial educator. My first appointment with Janessa was informative, as she is very knowledgeable and practical. She clearly outlined several processes for me regarding student loan repayment, credit management, investment, and even helped me explore some side hustle options to increase my revenue. She also checked in about 4-5 months after our initial appointment to follow-up on my progress. After following the steps she suggested, I was able to increase my credit score 100 points in 6 months and pay off 2 credit cards! If you need someone who is patient, personable, & who will break down financial jargon and keep things simple Janessa is a no brainer!!"

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